About Us: Contractor Advertising

Tony Brossard – Vice President

Meet Tony Brossard! Tony Brossard is the Vice President of Contractor Advertising. He’s a team leader and lover of helping brands reach their full potential.

Bri Goldstein – Social Media Manager

Meet Bri Goldstein! Bri Goldstein is the Social Media Manager here at Contractor Advertising. She’s passionate about keeping up with current trends and helping our customers reach their social media goals.

The Contractor Advertising Story

Contractor Advertising was founded in 2010 by Dan Goldstein. After spending over 10 years working for Fortune 500 companies Dan decided it was time to start a company that dedicated the appropriate amount of resources to each individual customer. This type of ideology is the exact opposite of the way large digital marketing conglomerates operate. The big guys sell as many customers as possible while hiring as few people as possible which ultimately leads to customer dissatisfaction and lack of results. Our company is big enough to handle a large amount of workflow but small enough to pay special attention to each individual customer.

Growing the Contractor Advertising Family

In 2011 Dan reached out to Tony Brossard, who had been working for one of the largest digital media, SEO, PPC and Yellow Page companies for over 8 years and was their top sales person. Dan showed Tony the process he had created to make sure every customer received special attention and he demonstrated the results. Tony came on as V.P. of Sales and immediately starting bringing on reputable customers. We grew responsibly over time, making sure to never over sell what we can deliver. At the same time we continued and continue to develop industry leading methods of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ), PPC Management, YouTube Optimization, Social Media Management, Directory Building, Google Places Enhancement, Review Marketing and Press Releases. We also developed proprietary custom reports so we can provide our customers with transparency. We firmly believe all of our customers should know where their money is going.

Contractor Advertising Embraces Change

Over the years we have anticipated changes in Search Engine Algorithms and adjusted our processes and procedures to deliver maximum results. Most SEO companies fear algorithm updates. We embrace them. This is because we only provide the highest quality, white hat and ethical search engine optimization that is suggested by major search engines like Google.

An Experienced Team Of SEO And Web Marketing Professionals

We have an experienced team of hard working professionals who genuinely care about every customer we work for. We provide no cost consultations and we deliver a complete analysis of your web presence to establish a baseline for results. We listen to the needs of our clients at the beginning of the process. Many service companies are keen on getting specific types of work. We focus first on the type of jobs that deliver the best return on investment for our customers.