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DIY Furnace Maintenance

DIY furnace maintenance banner image featuring cartoon woman maintaining her furnace Winter is right around the corner! With the winter season comes colder weather and an increase in how often you use your furnace. Before the cold weather arrives and you start using your furnace on the daily, it is a good idea to perform full-fledged furnace maintenance. Luckily, furnace maintenance is something almost every homeowner can do themselves. In this… Read More

How to Disinfect Your Dishwasher

Have you ever opened your dishwasher to find that it smells worse than the dirty dishes you expect it to clean? If you have, then you most likely need to disinfect your dishwasher. But that begs the question: how? Let's break it down. Step 1 - Disinfect All Removable Parts The first step towards a disinfected dishwasher is to remove… Read More

How to Rid Your Home of Drain Odor

Let's set a scene: you enter your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room to do some chores when you're suddenly overwhelmed by an offensive, and seemingly unidentifiable, odor. If you can't find a source of the odor after looking in the usual places (garbage, cat box, etc.), then the culprit is, most likely, your drains. As strange as it sounds, your… Read More

Why Responding to Negative Reviews is Imperative

Everyone understands that user reviews are important. However, several website and business owners flat out neglect to engage with the users that do leave reviews. That's not a good thing. Simply responding to bad (or even good) reviews can go a long ways towards showing your customers that you care about their experience. However, that begs the question: Why is… Read More

Ranking, Crawling, and Indexing – The Functionality of Search Engines

Crawl, Index, Rank search engine infographic Search engines exist to find and organize content across the web to deliver the most relevant content to a user given their search query. Think of search engine as an answering machine. A user asks a question, and the search engine tries to find the content that answers that question the best. How search engines find and rank content can… Read More

Your Guide to Solar Energy Marketing 2019

Solar power is becoming more and more popular both with homeowners and businesses. As a solar system company, it's important to take advantage of this surge in popularity. The best angle with solar system marketing is long term savings. Although most customers are passionate about the environment, the top draw to solar system energy is the long term savings. Play… Read More

Marketing Tips for HVAC Contractors 2019

Marketing is tricky for everyone, but especially difficult as an HVAC contractor. If you're running low on new advertising ideas or don't know where to start, no worries! Contractor Advertising is here to help. Center Your Website Around Conversions Your website is one of your most important sales tactics. It is your 24/7 sales rep that never makes a mistake.… Read More

Web Accessibility – What Does it Mean and Why is it Important?

You may have heard the term "web accessibility" around the internet lately. But what does "web accessibility" mean, and is it important for SEO? In this article, we'll break down exactly what web accessibility is, how to optimize a website for it, and why it's important for your website's search engine performance. Let's get into it! What is Web Accessibility?… Read More

What Does it Cost to Advertise on Facebook?

"How much will it cost?" is usually the first question a business owner asks when they're considering a new advertising route. If you're considering advertising on Facebook, you're probably wondering what it'll cost. Unfortunately, the answer that most people, articles, and online resources will give you is "well, it depends". Today, we're here to give you a better answer than… Read More

Delete or Revise? How to Do an SEO Boosting Content Cleanup

Stale Content Banner To delete or revise old content, that is the question. Well, at least that should be the question buzzing about in any decent SEO copywriter's brain. Like the world around us, the internet is continually changing and updating. So, it stands to reason that eventually, your content becomes stale. Stale content, like stale bread, is less appetizing to site visitors… Read More