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What Are Google Business Profile Posts And Are They Important?

Google My Business Post Banner Google Business Profile Posts are a great way to improve your local business's SEO (Search Engine Optimization). These short posts can increase your site traffic and help grow your web presence. They also may improve your standings with Google Voice Search results! Let's explore just what Google Business Profile Posts are and exactly how they can help improve your SEO,… Read More

Checking Content for Readability

Checking for Content Readability The easier your copy is to read, the better off you'll be. Why? Because search engines cater to users, not site owners and content creators. It was possible to stuff your copy with spammy language and rank well on Google and other search engines in the past. This is no longer the case. You now need to ensure that your… Read More

Web Accessibility – What Does it Mean and Why is it Important?

You may have heard the term "web accessibility" around the internet lately. But what does "web accessibility" mean, and is it important for SEO? In this article, we'll break down precisely what web accessibility is, how to optimize a website, and why it's essential for your website's search engine performance. So let's get into it! What is Web Accessibility? The… Read More

Canonical Links Best Practices

Canonical linking is a great way to avoid penalties for duplicate content on your site while ensuring you retain all ranking factors from the same pages. The same content on your site usually isn't intentional, but it always happens. We'll review the best practices for building canonical links and a few things to avoid when dealing with them. With our… Read More

Writing Impactful Meta Titles And Meta Descriptions

Every listing has a title and description on search engines (like Google, Yahoo, and Bing). Those titles and descriptions help searchers find the online information they want. In other words, a webpage's title and description are the first impressions a user gets about the content on your website. So, it stands to reason that optimizing your titles and descriptions helps… Read More

Delete or Revise? How to Do an SEO Boosting Content Cleanup

Stale Content Banner Deleting or revising old content is the question. Well, at least that should be the question in any decent SEO copywriter's brain, especially since most of us are still stuck at home due to the COVID-19 outbreak. So, while following your local shelter-in-place order, why not look at some of the stale content on your site? Like the world around… Read More

Do Facebook Ads Work?

When answering this question about Facebook ads, there are opinions from both sides. Some businesses praise the effectiveness of Facebook ads. At the same time, most report that the advertising platform did not pay off for them. We think the reality is somewhere in between the two. Facebook ads can be effective if you know what you're doing. There are… Read More

Link Building and Establishing Authority

All right, so you've done it. You took the time to create high-quality content that your users were looking for and supplied the answers to their questions. Best of all, you made sure that your content resonates with users and search engines, but there is one small problem. Your pages are still not ranking. If this sounds like something you… Read More

Digital Marketing Trends for 2024

1 - Embrace our New and Improved AI Overlords 2024 is here! It already seems like artificial intelligence (AI) has begun its complete takeover and dominance of the digital marketing world. AI-powered tools and machines now shape the future of almost every aspect of consumer life, and they're not limited to menial tasks alone. In fact, due to their cost… Read More

Internal Links – What are They and Why are They Important?

internal-links Backlinks and external links typically take center stage whenever an SEO talks about linking strategies. However, external links are not the only type of links that you should pay attention to. Internal links are arguably just as important. A good internal linking strategy directs visitors to your website to the pages and posts you value most. They are an integral… Read More