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Domain Authority – What is it and How to Improve it

Domain Authority is a metric created by Moz that dynamically assigns a 0 to 100 score based on how well any given domain is expected to rank on search engines. Basically, the higher your Domain Authority, the more likely your domain will rank well on Google and similar search engines. What Does the 0 to 100 Domain Authority Score Mean?… Read More

Google March Broad Core Update – Florida 2 Update News

Florida 2 Update According to Mr. Danny Sullivan at Google, the search engine giant has launched its March 2019 Broad Core Update (dubbed "Florida 2") as of March 30th, 2019. This was a large core algorithm update that may carry some search engine result fluctuations with it. Let's dive into what has changed and what has remained the same with this recent core… Read More

Canonical Links Best Practices

Canonical linking is a great way to avoid penalties for duplicate content on your site while making sure that you retain all ranking factors from duplicate pages. Duplicate content on your site usually isn't intentional, but it happens all the time. We'll go over the best practices for building canonical links and a few things to avoid when you're dealing… Read More

What is Review Gating and How Does it Affect your Brand

review gating info graphic Review Gating is the process of filtering candidates before asking them to leave you a review. The way companies usually do this is by sending their customers an email that first asks if they had a positive or negative experience with their company. If the customer had a positive experience then they are invited to leave a public review on… Read More

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is described as content that appears on the Internet in more than one place. The "one place" this refers to is a location with a unique website address or URL so, if your site has the same content at more than one web address you have duplicate content. The reason that this can cause problems is that if… Read More

Voice Search and How It Influences Featured Snippets

google home voice assistant Featured snippets are growing in popularity because they are easy to read and can provide a trusted answer without a user ever having to leave the search results page for their query. While they are still popular among text searches, featured snippets are a favorite of digital assistants as well because they are easy to say out loud and almost… Read More

All About Featured Snippets | SEO Blog

google algorithm Google has changed a lot since it first launched. While ranking in organic search results is still very important, there are many other aspects of Google's search engine results pages (SERPs) that have become valuable places to snag extra search traffic. In this post, we'll cover what featured snippets are, how they can drive traffic to your site, and how… Read More

Canonical Links and What They Mean for SEO

When you post duplicate content on your website it could create a large variety of problems for search engines and in turn, hurt your page rankings. We suggest avoiding duplicate content on your website for three main reasons: Search engines will not know which version of the page to include in the index and which one to exclude. Search engines… Read More

Ranking, Crawling, and Indexing – The Functionality of Search Engines

Crawl, Index, Rank search engine infographic Search engines exist to find and organize content across the web in order to deliver the most relevant content to a user given their search query. Think of search engine as an answer machine. A user asks a question and the search engine tries to find the content that answers that question the best. How search engines find and rank… Read More

Google Local Rank Strategy

google algorithm Google's local pack is an excellent place to draw traffic to your site and your Google My Business listing because it is always displayed above organic search results and includes an interactive map so users can immediately gauge how close you are to them. To be featured in local packs you have to beat out a lot of competitors first.… Read More