Don’t Lose Ground to Your Competitors During the Holidays

The holidays have arrived! It’s tempting to take your foot off the marketing gas to spend time with your family and loved ones. While spending time with your family is all well and good, don’t let the onset of the holidays distract you from your business. Otherwise, you risk your competitors taking advantage of your distraction and pulling ahead of you during the hustle and bustle of the end-of-year festivities. Make it your goal this year not to lose ground with your competitors during the holidays.

How Contractor Advertising Can Help

How do you keep on top of your marketing during the holiday season, you ask? Well, you can try to handle it yourself or hire the SEO and online marketing professionals here at Contractor Advertising instead. We’ll ensure your online marketing doesn’t take a break this holiday season. So how do we do that, you ask? Well, here is some of what we do to make sure your business doesn’t fall off the face of the marketing world due to the holiday season:

We Start Early

“The early bird gets the worm.” We’ve all heard that idiom at one point in our lives. It’s one of those sayings that most people tend to ignore, yet it rings almost all our lives. Your online marketing campaigns are no different. They reap the rewards of punctuality as much as anything else. Most marketing firms will prepare your brand for the holiday season well before arriving. For example, we started working on our Thanksgiving campaigns well before Autumn graced us with its chilly presence. However, that doesn’t mean we will start sending out Christmas advertisements in the middle of July. We still publish holiday advertisements within their associated time frame, but we prepare them well in advance. The earlier you start, the more high-quality your ads will be, and the more customers you’ll garner from your efforts.

We Embrace the Holiday Season

During the holidays, it’s always wise to market within the scope of the season. While that may sound a little confusing, all it means is to advertise within the confines of a traditional holiday theme. For example, during Christmas, we create our advertisements with themes like getting together with the family, Santa Claus, and the warm-and-cozy feelings often evoked by that time of year. We may use a more food-centric strategy to play off the average consumer’s emotions during that particular season for Thanksgiving. In short, we’re not afraid to get a little cliche or cheesily heartwarming during the holidays. The better an advertisement evokes the season’s feelings, the more it’ll hit home with a target audience.

We Create a Brand-Specific Holiday Marketing Strategy

Every brand and business is different. They also tend to cater to foreign markets. When we create holiday advertisements, we make sure to take your branding into account. The holidays are not an excuse to go off-brand with your promotions. For example, if you lean towards a considerably stoic and professional tone in your advertisements, taking a more cheesy and comical approach with your holiday ads won’t do you any favors. In short, we stay in-brand whenever we devise and create a holiday season advertisement campaign or strategy.

Don’t Lose Ground to Your Competitors During the Holidays – Contact Contractor Advertising to Stay Ahead!

Don’t lose ground with your competitors during the holidays! Contact the SEO and marketing professionals at Contractor Advertising for help staying on top of your marketing this holiday season! We’re always standing by to help.