Is It Time To Upgrade Your Website?

Upgrading your website is almost always advisable. However, certain situations warrant an upgrade or update more than others. What are those situations? Well, we’re glad you asked! Here at Contractor Advertising, we feel five primary reasons to consider upgrading your website in 2020. Those reasons include the following:
  • 1: Your site doesn’t accurately reflect your brand
  • 2: It uses outdated themes or technology
  • 3: Your site isn’t mobile-friendly or optimized for mobile users
  • 4: It lacks quality security like an SSL cert
  • 5: Your website lacks quality, content-driven SEO
Okay, some of those reasons are pretty vague. So, to help clarify, let’s discuss each idea in more detail below.

Reason #1 – Your Site Doesn’t Reflect Your Brand

One of the primary purposes of a website is to promote your business and brand. So, if your website doesn’t accurately reflect your brand, then it’s time for an upgrade. So, how do you tell whether your website reflects your brand? The best way to explain on-brand web marketing is through an example.

Let’s say your company’s aesthetics (like your logo, company colors, etc.) changed in the last year or so. But you forgot to update the colors and graphics on your website when you made the change. When that happens, you risk customers avoiding your website because it’s severely outdated.

Reason To Upgrade Your Website #2 – Outdated Themes And Technology

As with fashion, cars, computers, and anything else with a heavy aesthetic or technology-centric focus, an outdated website theme or technology chases potential customers away. However, that doesn’t mean you need a flashy, high-tech website. That might affect your website’s ability to accurately reflect your brand. Instead, keep your theme and website technology updated to fit your brand and business mentality.

However, there are some aspects of your website that absolutely should be cutting-edge. Areas that should have the latest and greatest technology include loading speed, mobile friendliness, and compatibility with all the latest browsers across all device types.

So, how do you prevent your site from becoming outdated? Well, if it’s been more than two or so years since you’ve updated the technology or theme of your website, then it’s high time to get with the programming (pun intended).

Reason #3 – Your Site Isn’t Mobile Friendly

It’s 2023; if your website isn’t mobile-friendly and optimized yet, that’s a problem. These days, most web traffic comes directly from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Contact us for help updating your site to complete mobile-first design standards. Google recommends doing it, and so does any SEO worth its salt.

Okay, mobile-friendliness is essential. But that begs the question: what makes a website mobile-friendly? Well, simply put, a mobile-friendly website is a website that is easy to read and digest from a mobile device. Moreover, mobile-makes content available for a label for both mobile and desktop users. So, in other words, if your website is hard to use or navigate from a smartphone or tablet, then your website is not mobile-friendly and needs an upgrade.

If you’re unsure if your site is mobile-friendly, you can always insert your URL into the free Google Mobile-Friendly Test found here.

Reason #4 – Your Site Lacks Quality Security

Every website on the internet is, technically, hackable. However, that shouldn’t deter you from making your website as secure as possible, especially if you run financial transactions on your site.

Well, security is essential. But how do you know your site is as secure as it should be? To make sure your website ticks all the necessary security checkboxes, you can run your site through an online security auditing and malware scanning tool like this one from If the results of your security test show an insecure website, then don’t panic. Instead, contact the web security professionals here at Contractor Advertising for help.

Reason To Upgrade Your Website #5 – Your Site Lacks Quality SEO

Is your website underperforming in search results, clicks, or bounce rate? If so, you could do it with a good dose of high-quality SEO. What is SEO, you ask? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and refers to the process by which web professionals make your site as friendly to search engines as possible. SEO optimizes your on-page content, link structure, navigation, and keyword usage. Through quality SEO, you can increase your website traffic, rank position on popular search engines like Google, and overall increase the effectiveness of your website to the general public.

So, it’s clear that quality SEO is essential. If you lack SEO, you should upgrade your site immediately. But that begs the question: how? The easiest way to optimize your SEO is to hire a quality SEO company like us here at Contractor Advertising. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us for an SEO audit today!

So, Is It Time To Upgrade Your Website?

Well, there you have it; five reasons to upgrade your website today. If you need help with any of the reasons listed above, then don’t fret. Contact the website optimization and upgrade professionals at Contractor Advertising. We’d be happy to help get your site back on track. Contact us today!

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