Marketing Tips for HVAC Contractors 2019

Marketing is tricky for everyone, but especially difficult as an HVAC contractor. If you’re running low on new advertising ideas or don’t know where to start, no worries! Contractor Advertising is here to help.

Center Your Website Around Conversions

Your website is one of your most important sales tactics. It is your 24/7 sales rep that never makes a mistake. It is the place your potential customers will go for information about your HVAC company. You want the website to be clean, simple, and user friendly. Make sure you have your contact information on every page. We also recommend adding a live chat feature to your website. These are third party plug ins and they make you feel readily available to potential customers.

Become the King of Search Results

Because people need HVAC repair so infrequently, they likely won’t have a go-to company for when a problem arises. Instead, they’ll do a Google search. There are three main ways for you to dominate search results. The first is through pay per click advertising. This will put you at the top of the page. Your next move is Google My Business. This will create map listings and help you show up in searches like “HVAC repair near me”. Your last thing to do is make sure your website ranks organically by using SEO. If you do all this, your business will appear in 3 places on page 1.

Geotarget Using Google My Business

As an HVAC company, it is important that your Google My Business listing reflects the fact that you serve a large area as opposed to working a single storefront. If Google knows you serve an entire area, you can geotarget your services to a more widespread audience instead of just a small radius around your physical location. To do this, edit your service area in your Google My Business listing. Select “I deliver goods and services to my customers at their locations”. This will allow your business to be shown in a larger area.

Utilize Local Service Ads

Google runs a paid advertising platform called Local Service Ads. This is a pay per lead service running in metropolitan areas. In order to run Local Service Ads, you must go through a Google screening process. After that, you’ll be a Google Guaranteed business and you can run Local Service Ads.

Be Proactive: Reputation Management

Reviews are becoming one of the most important parts of a customer’s decision making process. The average consumer reads around 5 reviews before making a hiring decision, and consumers say they trust online reviews as much as they trust in person recommendations from friends and family.

Make a Company Video

Creating a video about your company is a great advertising move as an HVAC technician. Having customers see you and listen to you talk about why they should hire you can leave a lasting impact. The fact of the matter is that people would rather click a video and watch for 90 seconds than read. Make things easy on potential clients by making a short, informative video that pushes them into your sales funnel.

Get Serious About Social

It’s 2019. It’s time for you to get Instagram. And Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and every social media platform you can. Customers are turning to social media to find companies to hire, and many customers report they won’t hire a company without a social media where they show off their work! Having a strong social media presence and finding your social media voice is vitally important for your brand recognition.

Partner Up

Teamwork makes the dream work. The best thing you can do for your HVAC company is partner with a full service advertising company like Contractor Advertising. We can handle evrything on this list and more. We have industry specific knowledge that puts us ahead of competitors. We know what it means to be an HVAC technician and how to maximize your marketing strategy. Contact us for a free, no pressure consultation.