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How to Rid Your Home of Drain Odor

Let's set a scene: you enter your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room to do some chores when you're suddenly overwhelmed by an offensive, and seemingly unidentifiable, odor. If you can't find a source of the odor after looking in the usual places (garbage, cat box, etc.), then the culprit is, most likely, your drains. As strange as it sounds, your… Read More

Your Guide to Solar Energy Marketing 2019

Solar power is becoming more and more popular both with homeowners and businesses. As a solar system company, it's important to take advantage of this surge in popularity. The best angle with solar system marketing is long term savings. Although most customers are passionate about the environment, the top draw to solar system energy is the long term savings. Play… Read More

Marketing Tips for HVAC Contractors 2019

Marketing is tricky for everyone, but especially difficult as an HVAC contractor. If you're running low on new advertising ideas or don't know where to start, no worries! Contractor Advertising is here to help. Center Your Website Around Conversions Your website is one of your most important sales tactics. It is your 24/7 sales rep that never makes a mistake.… Read More

Snapchat Paid Ads: Tips and Strategies to Maximize Campaigns

Snapchat is a huge audience. Snapchat averages 200 million users a day, and these users watch a total of 10 billion videos every day. From a marketing perspective, it is incredibly important that your business advertises to these users. Snapchat also has a very different style than other social medias. On Snapchat, everything is temporary. This encourages users to be… Read More

June 2019 Google Broad Core Update – An Exploration

As reported by Search Engine Land, and Dany Sullivan at Google themselves, the most recent Google Broad Core Update finished rolling out June 8, 2019. The update began rolling out on June 3, 2019 and took 5 days to finish fully updating across the globe. What is a Google Broad Core Update? A Broad Core Update at Google is simply… Read More

Creating a Leave a Review Link Through Google

Acquiring legitimate positive reviews for your website or business is SEO gold! The more positive reviews you have, the more likely your site and/or business will obtain a positive review authority score from Google and other search engines. But, getting your customers and site visitors to leave you a review can be a mildly complicated process. You used to have… Read More

Contractor Marketing Tips and Strategies for 2019

It’s 2019 and times are changing. People use the internet differently than they used to, and because of this advertising has to adapt to keep up. That means that your advertising strategy needs to constantly change and evolve. Luckily, the marketing experts here at Contractor-Advertising are here to help and provide the best marketing tips for contractors in 2019. Content… Read More

Google March Broad Core Update – Florida 2 Update News

Florida 2 Update According to Mr. Danny Sullivan at Google, the search engine giant has launched its March 2019 Broad Core Update (dubbed "Florida 2") as of March 30th, 2019. This was a large core algorithm update that may carry some search engine result fluctuations with it. Let's dive into what has changed and what has remained the same with this recent core… Read More

What is Review Gating and How Does it Affect your Brand

review gating info graphic Review Gating is the process of filtering candidates before asking them to leave you a review. The way companies usually do this is by sending their customers an email that first asks if they had a positive or negative experience with their company. If the customer had a positive experience then they are invited to leave a public review on… Read More

Canonical Links and What They Mean for SEO

When you post duplicate content on your website it could create a large variety of problems for search engines and in turn, hurt your page rankings. We suggest avoiding duplicate content on your website for three main reasons: Search engines will not know which version of the page to include in the index and which one to exclude. Search engines… Read More