Pay Per Click Ads for Contractor Marketing

What is pay per click advertising? How can it benefit me as a contractor? Contractor-Advertising is here to answer all your pay per click questions. Pay Per Click advertising is a great way to target a specific audience, making it ideal for contractors. With pay per click, you don’t pay when a viewer sees your ad. Instead, you only pay when a user actually clicks on your ad. This saves you money because you’re only paying for people seeing your ads when they’re interested enough to click on them. This eliminates the issue of paying to serve ads to consumers who aren’t interested or aren’t actually ready to purchase yet.

Benefits of Pay Per Click

Pay per click ads can be seen nearly anywhere on the internet, including blogs, YouTube, and on Google Search! With Google being used by millions of users daily, you can rest easy knowing that you’re reaching almost every potential client. A Google Ads Campaign is a great way for your company to increase brand recognition, increase phone calls, drive sales, and increase visits to your store front.

What Does a Pay Per Click Ad Consist of?

Pay per click ads can come in almost any format. Pay per click ads can be shown on Google Search, meaning that when a user searches for a keyword related to your business, they’ll see your ad. Pay per click ads can also be shown on the Google Display Network. The Display Network is an expansive list of websites that Google gets to advertise on. These include blogs, shopping websites, recipe sites, etc. Pay per click ads can also be presented in video format and put on YouTube. No matter what platform you choose to show your ads on, it’s all run through Google and you can track your progress using their analytics.

How Can I Get Started?

When you start your first pay per click campaign, we recommend starting small. You can set your budget at $5 a day and your maximum cost per click at $0.50. This will prevent you from wasting money while you learn to manage a pay per click campaign. Once you’ve set your budget, consider what you want out of your pay per click campaign and choose your ad format accordingly. If you are really looking to increase phone calls to your business, you could do a call only ad or a search ad with a call extension.

Wait, how do the Ad Formats Work and Which is Best for Me?

This is where things start to get complicated. Google has different types of campaigns and within that they have different ad formats to choose from. The types of campaigns are:

  1. 1. Search Network Campaign
  2. 2. App Campaign
  3. 3. Display Network Campaign
  4. 4. Shopping Campaign
  5. 5. Video Campaign

Google has a variety of ads to choose from depending on your advertising goals. On top of this, each ad format has modifications such as extensions to further tailor your ad campaign to your goals. Here is a basic breakdown to get you started.

  • 1. Text Ads
    This type of ad is words only.
  • 2. Responsive Ads
    This ad style will move to fit any screen size
  • 3. Image
    A great way to provide a visual of your product/service
  • 4. App Promotion
    This encourages users to download your app
  • 5. Video
    A great way to capture viewers attention with visual and sound
  • 6. Product Shopping Ads
    This shows a visual ad to someone searching for a product similar to yours
  • 7. Call Only Ads
    Great for generating calls, users are unable to visit your website and are only able to call your business.

How Can I Optimize?

The best way to optimize your campaign is to make sure you’re targeting users who will actually be interested in your product or service. As a contractor, people will often be searching for your business in a time of need. Keep this in mind when writing and designing your ad. If you are a plumber who offers emergency plumbing service 24/7, make sure to include it in your ad! On top of this, target your ad to people searching things like “Urgent plumber” or “emergency plumbing”. Aside from this, one of the best things you can do is work with a professional pay per click company. They can make sure you get the most out of your budget and that your ads are running seamlessly.

What are the Disadvantages?

Pay per click ads are great for contactors. The disadvantage is that the Google Ads program is difficult to navigate and Google Ad campaigns can be tricky to run. There are many layers to a campaign, and it takes a lot of industry specific knowledge to get your campaign running effectively. Learning to navigate Google Ads is a time investment and monitoring the campaign needs to be done daily. If you don’t have the time for this, it’s best to team up with a pay per click agency.

I Need More Help

With the help of a professional PPC company, you can have your Google pay per click campaigns running seamlessly with minimal stress on your part. Here at Contractor-Advertising, we have a team of Google Certified Pay Per Click Professionals with the niche specific experience necessary to run your campaign. Our team has been running successful campaigns for plumbers, electricians, and other contractors for years. We can help make sure you get the absolute most out of your budget and bring in new business left and right. Fill out our contact form below and we can perform a free pay per click analysis!