Snapchat Paid Ads: Tips and Strategies to Maximize Campaigns

Snapchat is a huge audience. Snapchat averages 200 million users a day, and these users watch a total of 10 billion videos every day. From a marketing perspective, it is incredibly important that your business advertises to these users. Snapchat also has a very different style than other social medias. On Snapchat, everything is temporary. This encourages users to be more open and worry less about what they’re posting because it will disappear in 24 hours anyway. Snapchat is the best platform to use if you’re looking to relate to a younger/middle aged audience. If you have no clue where to start, Contractor-Advertising is here to break it down. But first, a little background info before we jump into the tips.

What Types of Ads are Available?

Snap Ads

Snap ads are vertical oriented, full screen videos that are 10 seconds or less in length. These ads also have a link, where users can swipe up to instantly visit the link. This type of ad is great to encourage users to install an app, visit your website, or prompt users to watch a longer video available at the link you provide. You can link to the app store, a product page, your homepage, your contact form, or your other social medias! Snap ads have sound, which you should take advantage of! Users remember brands better who made use of sound in their ads.

Sponsored Lenses

Lenses are something that you create that allows users to interact with your company. Lenses act as an overlay over the video or photo being taken by the user. Lenses can be as simple or as complicated as you wish, and they can also be highly interactive. For example, you can create a lens that displays fireworks whenever a user winks. Or, a dog filter that shows a dog tongue when a user opens their mouth. One third of Snapchat’s daily users use a lens every single day. That’s 66,666,667 people! Creating a lens is a fun way to reach a massive audience. And, because people usually post their selfie with the lens, that means more people seeing the filter and becoming familiar with your brand! The downfall is that these ads are typically the most expensive. This ad style was designed with big brands in mind and may not work for smaller companies or companies marketing to a niche.

Sponsored Geofilters

A sponsored geofilter is an overlay that is put over the users’ photo when they’re in a specific location. These are geotargeted, meaning only users in the targeted location can see the filter. This is great for advertising by location. This can be good if you have a physical location, that way snapchatters nearby can see your geofilter and come to your shop.

On Demand Geofilters

This is by far the easiest, cheapest, and fastest way to get your business started with Snapchat advertisements. This type of advertising can be done for as little as $5, making it very friendly to small advertising budgets. On demand geofilters can target small areas for short lengths of time. You could target half a city block for one hour. This option is great for local businesses, small companies, or special events. People often make this style of Snapchat filter for birthday parties, weddings, and holidays.

Now That I Know About Ads, How Can I Maximize?

1. Correct Ad Format

Now you know about all the different ad forms Snapchat offers and a few positives and negatives about them. Our first tip is to use the correct ad format, based on what you learned above. If you’re an electrician serving Alameda, you’ll be wasting money with a sponsored lens. Instead, you should go for an on demand geofilter. You can have it run only during your service hours and only in Alameda.

2. Effective Visuals

When creating geofilters, use clear compelling visuals. Make sure to distinctly display your company logo, and that any text you include is large enough to read and in a clear font. As for the art, be creative! Snapchatters like things that are weird, contemporary, loud, eye catching, and exciting. Avoid boring, tired graphics at all costs. In order to stand out on Snapchat you have to do something people feel is worth posting. Be original and authentic to your brand. If you need help designing graphics or creating effective ad campaigns, we can help.

3. Be Smart With Targeting

Be wise with your targeting. If you own one ice cream shop, it doesn’t make sense to market to your whole state. Instead, pick a radius within driving distance from your shop. Keep in mind how far people are likely to travel for your service to. No one would drive an hour for ice cream. By keeping your location targeting specific, you’re saving yourself money because you aren’t advertising to people who are too far away to need your services.

4. Think About Your Audience

There are five aspects to your audience. These aspects are the devices they’re using Snapchat on, ad placement, audience interests, geography, and demographic. When you’re targeting your ad, think about the people most likely to require your services. Consider age range, home ownership status, their interests/recent searches, where they live, and what time of day they’re potentially looking for your service.

Have Fun, Be Creative

Our last tip is to keep it fun. Snapchat is all about capturing and sharing micromoments. Snapchats are typically unplanned and spur of the moment. Create a filter that embodies that, something fun and unexpected that people will instantly want to engage with.

Sound Difficult?

Not everyone is familiar enough with Snapchat to understand the little nuisances. That’s okay! That’s where Contractor-advertising steps in. We’re a comprehensive digital marketing company specializing in social media management and advertising. We handle everything from creating your account to creating the artwork for your geofilter. If you’re interested in getting started on social media today with the help of an experienced media professional, fill out the form below.