What are Local Services by Google?

Local Services by Google (AKA Google Local Services) are a convenient way to market your business on Google search engine results pages. With ads displayed on Local Services, you can market your business directly to your potential customers whenever they search for your business type on the Google search engine. Through Local Services, customers can directly call and send your business messages through the advertisement itself, making it even easier to get in touch with your company. Local Services by Google even has mobile app support for both Android and iOS operating systems.

What Happened to Google Home Services Advertisements?

The short answer to this question is: “nothing”. Google Home Services advertisements simply changed names to Local Services by Google after the initial beta test in 2015. The rebranding of the product also came with an extension to 30 more cities at launch.

How do Local Services by Google Ads Work?

First and foremost, Local Services advertisements are bought-and-paid-for advertisements on the Google Search Engine. Other than that, Local Services listings are simply advertisements shown at the top of the Google Search Engine Results Page before any organic results or Google Ads search results are shown. New customers can either tap or click on the listing to instantly call or send your business a message. After they contact you through Local Services, you’ve got a new lead and it’s up to you to turn that lead into a promising new customer.

What Types of Services Can You Advertise on Local Services?

Currently, you can only advertise on Local Services for certain business types and in certain areas. The two countries that currently have access to Local Services by Google are the United States and the United Kingdom. Services available in the United States include: Plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians and service companies, carpet cleaners, garage door services, locksmiths, and house cleaners. Local Service Ads available in the United Kingdom include: Plumbers and locksmiths.

Are There Benefits to Using Local Services by Google?

Marketing through Local Services by Google has been shown to provide a measurable increase in your business’ ability to reach new customers. Most people use the internet to find any kind of service in the Twenty-First Century. The easier it is to find your business online, the more likely those customers will reach out to your company. Other, less obvious benefits to Local Services by Google include things like:
  • You can reach more customers by being at the top of every Google Search Results Page (SERP)
  • Since users are searching for your business type specifically, they are more likely to actually do business with you
  • Listing on Local Services by Google helps build trust with the Google Guarantee
  • The mobile app is convenient and can save you time while simultaneously making it easier to reach new customers

Want to Advertise on Local Services? Well, Contractor Advertising can Help!

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