Connect With More Customers

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat., etc.) presence is a great way for businesses to stay relevant and to connect to their customers! Although many companies know they would benefit from a social media presence, they often don’t know where to start. At Contractor Advertising, we have a niche specific knowledge base and understanding of the market that can help drive your social media campaign. Social Media gives your company a more personable image because customers can reach you on the social media platforms they already use in their everyday lives.

Completing a Competitor Analysis

We will complete a market analysis of the competing companies in your industry and area. Using this, we will determine which competitors are currently outranking your company in terms of engagement and audience size. During our analysis, we will also determine what types of content perform well in your area.

We Can Help Curate an Image

Do you need help finding your company’s social media voice? We can help you figure it out. Do you want to be funny? Clever? Relatable? Or maybe you want to always offer the best discounts and rewards programs. No matter what you want your image to be, we can develop it for you.

Creating Paid Social Media Campaigns

We can create a custom target audience for your paid ad campaign. Social media marketing is often more cost effective than Google Ads, we have a whole blog post that details the pricing of Facebook Ads here. We can target age, location, and customer interest to insure that your paid social media ad is seen by people most likely to hire your company. We will also monitor paid ad statistics to improve your future paid social media ads. Social media ads are a low cost way to have your brand’s content seen by thousands of people.

Advertising with Social Media

Digital advertising has become a key part of the majority of marketing campaigns. Each social network offers different solutions for paid ads. These can often be beneficial to your business. This can range from a single promoted Tweet to a full-scale Facebook ad campaign and even ad placements on less known networks like Nextdoor. Our social media experts can target features and set up an ad schedule that allows for more efficient advertising online.

Content Creation

Our social media team will create posts for your social medias weekly based on the image you are trying to curate. We will research your audience in order to determine what type of content receives the highest engagement. We will post on a schedule, at the time of day when your posts are most likely to receive engagement. We will also be monitoring the way your audience interacts with your posts and we will adjust as needed.

Reporting and Tracking Services

Here at Contractor Advertising, we pride ourselves on providing detailed and accurate social media reports. We will be tracking your social media engagement throughout the month so that we can give you a straightforward report that tells you exactly what you need to know and relates back to your business’s goals with advertising. We will track and optimize your audience, reach, engagement rates, click through rates, and lead rates.

Social Media Monitoring

We will be monitoring activity across all your social media accounts. This includes things like social media reviews, social media feedback, comments, social engagement from paid ad campaigns, and brand mentions.

Taking it to the Next Level

We can help you amplify your social media efforts by integrating your social medias into your website. We can add buttons to your website that take visitors directly to your various social media accounts. We can also create a social feed page on your website where customers can view your recent posts without having to leave your website. We can add social media prompts to your website content to encourage sharing across social media platforms. This includes buttons that say things like “Pin This!” or “Like on Facebook!”.

Social media representation is becoming more important to brand recognition and business growth. Our team of social experts is standing by to help make sure your business is well-represented on as many or as few social networks as you desire!