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Social media (sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.) representation is a great way for businesses to stay relevant and to connect to their customers! The team of social experts here at Contractor Advertising can represent your brand on any and all social media sites. Social media representation helps to build brand recognition and loyalty in your community of choice.

“Water, weed, and provide enough light for social to grow.”

The Contractor Advertising Social Media Strategy

Social media is useful because it encourages more diversity and external sites to link back to your content. This helps to build quality clicks and to drive more customers to your business. Social media also helps customers find businesses and services with trustworthy directory information (name, address, phone number, etc.). Our team will fit a social media strategy to your business and your budget. When we plan a social media strategy for a client, we like to ask the following questions:
  • What are you trying to accomplish with social media? – This question is by far the most important. It is impossible to come up with a quality social media plan if we can’t first narrow down your goals and expectations from social media representation.
  • Are paid ads something you would like to consider? – Many social media sites on the internet have a paid ad service. These ads can help drive up clicks and visits to your social pages.
  • Do you already have a social media presence? – Then we ask if you already have a social media presence and if you would like our team to improve it.
  • No social media? Can we create an online social presence for you? – If you do not currently have a social media presence, our team of social experts would gladly set up and maintain one for you.
Our team realizes that everyone is different. We can help you narrow down the type, amount, and quality of social media presence that would be best to help grow your business. Let our team of experts take control of your social media situation today!

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Mobile Is Important

Many people fail to address the growing number of people accessing social media through a mobile device. More people (about 80% of them) are using mobile devices to access social networks. Our technicians will make sure that your content is accurately and completely represented on mobile devices. With us, your social media presence will look just as good on a cell phone as it does on your home computer!

Advertising With Social Media

Digital advertising has become a key part of the majority of marketing campaigns. Each social network offers different solutions for paid ads. These can often be beneficial to your business. This can range from a single promoted Tweet to a full-scale Facebook ad campaign and even ad placements on less known networks like Nextdoor. Our social media experts can target features and set up an ad schedule that allows for more efficient advertising online.

Content Creation

Our social media experts can create new content and can curate quality content already in existence. We create and curate quality content on a weekly basis. This content can be in the form of text posts, pictures, videos, simple links, and more! We also monitor the performance of the content created to see where we can make improvements.

Reporting and Monitoring Services

Here at Contractor Advertising, we pride ourselves in providing detailed and accurate social media reports. We can send you a customized report of your social performance. We do this using built-in analytics tools and social insights for most major networks. We create customized and personalized emails to summarize account performance on a monthly basis.

Social media representation is becoming more important to brand recognition and business growth. Our team of social experts is standing by to help make sure your business is well-represented on as many or as few social networks as you desire!