We Are Video SEO Experts Who Can Get Your Video Ranked on Google

VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization) is an effective marketing tool for business owners including plumbers and other contractors. It takes your contractor marketing efforts a step further from just plain content. Further, sharing videos on social sites like Facebook and Twitter are great ways to give your customers a visual demonstration of your product or contractor service. It is easy to see that you need to utilize video marketing in your campaign. However, there is a right and a wrong way to do this. You may simply be wasting your time if you don’t hire the right company for your Video Search Engine Optimization. We help plumbers / contractors get their video on Page 1 of Google every day.

YouTube Optimization For Plumber & Contractors

YouTube is the largest video streaming site on the Internet. Millions of users browse through a large database of videos. Thousands of new videos are added to the site each day, and yet, there is always a potential for your video to go viral. We help you get your plumbing video or other type of contractor video on page 1 of YouTube so people can find your company. To make a video go viral, marketers need to use YouTube optimization tricks to gain attention from their audience.

Contractor Video Search Engine Optimization

YouTube SEO is not a mysterious practice. Essentially, marketers want to do the same things that they would do to make their blog popular. They need great content, keywords and a great description. Additionally a strong effort must be made to then help Google and YouTube feel like the content is relevant and authoritative. Now, there are things marketers can do that are specific to YouTube to help their video’s popularity. For example, they can make their video a response to another video. If it gets accepted, a thumbnail of the video will be shown at the bottom of the response video. It is important for marketers to make their videos a response to other popular and relevant videos. This will greatly increase their chance of gaining views. It will also help their video be found in the related video search bar. Practicing YouTube SEO will greatly help an overall VSEO campaign. Marketers must also remember to frequently share their videos on their social media accounts for further exposure. We handle all of these things and much more. There are many factors that must be taken into consideration when attempting to rank a video.

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