Comprehensive Web Design

Here at Contractor-Advertising, we offer comprehensive web design services. Our team of web developers can handle anything from creating a whole new WordPress theme to just making your old desktop website mobile-responsive. Each developer that works for us is here to make sure that your webpage is the very best that it can be. Our web design services include:

Custom Responsive Web Design

Currently, more people search the web on their phone than on their desktop. If you want your customers to be able to find you from their phones, you need a responsive website. Responsive web design is a website framework that can move, shrink, hide, or adjust your content based on what device the website is being viewed on. Although some companies elect to create a mobile only website, we strongly recommend a responsive website. With a responsive website, you don’t have to worry about duplicate content and you only have to manage one website. The consumer has different expectations for a mobile site and a desktop site, therefore your site needs to be adaptable. This is a task that requires knowledge of website framework as well as planning and strategy and that’s where Contractor-Advertising can help. Here at Contractor-Advertising, we specialize in responsive websites as well as mobile website design. Our experts can help give you peace of mind knowing your website will translate beautifully across all devices.

Custom WordPress Websites

A custom WordPress site can increase leads and sales. WordPress automatically creates website code and structure which can help to improve the organic ranking of your company. WordPress also makes it easy to add new content to your website. In order for your WordPress site to outrank your competitors, your site must be visible to search engines, mobile friendly, secure, fast, and optimized for user experience. Your website should be generating business for your company. Our team has experience creating engaging WordPress sites designed to drive sales. Our team can handle hosting, coding, graphic design, social media integration, XML sitemap creation, website compatibility across mobile, desktop, and all browsers, lead form creation, content creation, SEO optimization, and advanced professional analytics tracking. On top of all this, YOU WILL OWN YOUR WEBSITE. Many web design companies have hidden clauses in their contracts that ensure that they own your website. Here at Contractor-Advertising, we use market research to create an engaging, lead focused, thoughtfully laid out website. We can Provide you with:

  1. WordPress Design
  2. Post and Page Creation
  3. Plugin Design
  4. Custom Page Templates
  5. Full Theme Design
  6. And More!

Custom Mobile Websites

If you are in need of a responsive website that translates perfectly to mobile devices, you can trust our mobile website design company. With so many people using mobile, a mobile website is more crucial than ever. We can help make sure that your website’s text is readable, the site loads quickly, and that your phone number is immediately visible. Consider this scenario: a customer is on their way to your showroom and have realized they don’t know exactly where it is. They will likely Google your company on their phone. If your site is not optimized for mobile, the customer could have trouble finding your address or a way to contact you. Creating a responsive web design prevents this!

Landing Page Design and Optimization

A landing page can greatly impact your leads and sales. If you are running a special promotion, you likely don’t want to send customers to your homepage where they could potentially get lost and not find what they’re looking for. Instead, you want to send them to a landing page that specifically addresses what they’re looking for. Landing page optimization can also convert traffic into leads and sales. Whether you are an HVAC business or a solar panel installation company, Contractor-Advertising can help optimize your landing page. We have an arsenal of advanced conversion rate optimization tools to help get your landing page to where you want it to be.

WordPress Security Packages

Is your website secure? If it isn’t, you’re wasting potential leads. 82% of users said that they will not browse an unsecured website. By having an unsecured website, you’re essentially turning clients away at the door. The experts here at Contractor-Advertising can help. We offer comprehensive WordPress security services that can be customized to meet your company’s security and website needs. Our packages include:

  1. WordPress updates
  2. WordPress maintenance
  3. Security monitoring and configuration
  4. Website hack protection
  5. Website configuration and backup

We take many precautions to ensure your site is secure and backed up. If for some reason your website is still hacked, we will analyze and remove the infection. Should Google classify your website as potentially being hacked, Contractor-Advertising will submit your website to Google for removal of all manual penalties.

Website Copywriting

Website copywriting has been proven to boost leads and sales. Your website serves as your sales representative at all times. If your website isn’t connecting with your audience, the website is ultimately useless. Compelling content draws more engagement and traffic. Often, poorly written content will prevent a customer from buying from your brand. Contractor-Advertising’s professional content writers are U.S. based and have the training to create content that your target audience will be eager to engage with. In order to rank well organically in search engines, you’ll need large volumes of compelling content. If you choose to move forward with our company, our professional content writers will quickly get started on helping build up your website. They’ll follow our Four Step plan:

  1. They’ll start with website copy strategy development, where they’ll discuss your company’s goals and what image you’re trying to project to the consumer.
  2. Next, they’ll perform in depth market research in order to determine what types of content resonate well with your audience.
  3. Our third step is where our content creators really get to work. Our professional content writers will post well written website content that is optimized for search engines. We’ll post to your about pages, galleries, blogs, product pages, home pages, and more.
  4. The final step is to track how well our content is performing. We will monitor and measure using professional analytics and make adjustments based on what we find to ensure your content is always relevant, up to date, and optimized. Included with our services is a monthly easy to understand report with analytics so you can see how the content is performing.

If you need website copywriting, Contractor-Advertising is your best choice. Our team of experienced content professionals will write engaging content focused on driving sales and search engine optimization.