How To Get Customers From Yelp

Yelp Logo Yelp is as beneficial for businesses as it is for customers. Salons, restaurants, and stores all benefit from having a Yelp profile. Yelp is the most popular online source for customers finding more information about local businesses. New and established businesses can find several methods to increase your online presence and to attract more customers. Here are just some of the strategies that can help snag you more customers through Yelp services.

Updating Yelp Profile

Before you do anything else on the site, you should update your business profile. The Yelp profile is the first thing that your customers see when they search for your business online. The profile photo is shown alongside your business name in the search results. It’s also important to include information that reflects the essence and personality of your business. Here are some details that should be included in every business’ Yelp profile:
  • Name and category
  • Website link and menu
  • Address and phone number
  • About your business

Create a Compelling Photo Gallery

Normally you do not want to be like every other business on Yelp that either has blurry photos or no photos in their gallery whatsoever. Most of the poor photos are often uploaded by visitors who don’t own a great camera. To stand out among your competitors it is always a good idea to hire a professional photographer to take a handful of photos of your business and employees. The better the photo gallery, the less likely you’ll end up chasing customers away with an unattractive photo of your storefront. Remember, humans are highly visual creatures and if something looks unattractive, we automatically assume that it is less than desirable. So, go outside and get some really nice pictures of your storefront and employees and avoid this common mistake.

Check Out Our Competition

Next, you should check out your competition on Yelp. Start by searching for similar businesses and read through their profiles. This is so that you can see what they are doing wrong and what they are doing right. You should read the reviews of the businesses that have 4+ star ratings and those with 2+ star ratings and below. You will most likely notice the difference between the businesses that are succeeding and those that are struggling. This approach allows you to learn from your competition so that you can succeed where they failed and so that you can avoid making the same mistakes some of them did.

Respond to Yelp Reviews

You should never ignore your reviews. Always respond to any review that was left on your profile. That doesn’t mean that you need to fire back at anyone that gave us a 2-star review. All that needs to be done to show that you care is to thank them for their feedback and for visiting our business. That’s it. You can use these data as a learning tool to provide better customer service the next time around. Also, don’t just respond to the positive reviews. Make sure you give those who had an unsatisfactory experience feedback as well. This shows that you intend on keeping them as a customer. You should always thank those customers for stopping by and for their words. This shows your other customers that you care and that you are looking to improve upon your services all the time.

Include Check-In Offers

When a customer visits your business via the Yelp app on their phone, they’re letting their followers know that they’re visiting your business. This is a great form of word-of-mouth advertising. With Yelp, you can create check-in offers so your customers will want to check-in more on the app. You can even require multiple check-ins for customers to get the offer. This gets your customers to keep coming back and provides you with even more free advertising.

Never Neglect Your Company Yelp

Yelp is a wonderful tool to attract more customers. By filling out your profile, researching your competition, and following-up on reviews, you can bring more organic traffic to your business. These strategies also provide more word-of-mouth advertising and drove more traffic to your local business. So, in short, never neglect your company Yelp profile!