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What are Google My Business Posts and are they Important?

Google My Business Posts are a great way to improve your local business’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization). These short posts can increase your site traffic and help grow your web presence. They also may improve your standings with Google Voice Search results! Let’s explore just what Google My Business Posts are and exactly how they can help improve your SEO, ranking, and overall site traffic.

What is Google My Business Posts?

Google My Business Posts are short, 100-300 word posts usually used to promote things about your business, such as a sale or special deal. They often include an image or video, text, and special call-to-action buttons to invite your readers to perform a specific action. However, the most exciting thing about Google My Business featured posts is that they are only listed on your Google My Business page for seven days. After those seven days, Google will remove them from your featured posts. This helps to force business owners to produce fresh and engaging content regularly.

Do Google My Business Posts Contribute to Good SEO?

The short answer here is “yes.” Google My Business Posts can help your site’s overall SEO in several different ways:
    • First, they help generate more organic views and clicks.
    • Second, they can increase traffic to other content on your site.
    • Third, Google My Business Posts impact ranking authority on Google.
In addition to these measurable contributions to SEO, posts can also help show your customers more about your business and the kinds of offers you make. So overall, posting regularly to your Google My Business Posts page can help with your local SEO efforts.

Are Google My Business Posts Important for Voice Search Optimization?

Yes, Google My Business Posts can impact your voice search snippets because they directly feed into them. However, they will only ever affect the results on Google Voice search-enabled devices. Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri will not be affected by Google My Business Posts.

Too Much? Contractor Advertising Can Handle Your Google My Business Posting

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