Mobile SEO: What’s different from desktops?

Mobile search engine optimization for plumbers and other contractors, or Mobile SEO for short, is the practice of designing a mobile website so it is both easily discoverable and well ranked by search engines. Search engine optimization for typical desktop websites includes getting lots of links to a particular website and using keywords effectively. SEO for mobile devices is a bit different. Just like with traditional web design, it involves some of the same fundamental principles as SEO for desktop websites. Mobile SEO is similar in many ways, but search results served to mobile devices tend to vary from those given to traditional computers.

Mobile SEO For Plumbers and Contractors

One major factor in mobile search results is location. Most mobile devices have GPS units to make them location aware, and search engines customize results to try to find businesses and points of interest near the user. Whether or not your plumbing or contractor company has a physical location, you may have to compete with other businesses that have optimized their websites for location.

Search Engine Optimization For Mobile Devices

Mobile search engine optimization also involves making a mobile version of a website easy to use on mobile devices. Mobile devices tend not to handle some normal websites as well as mobile optimized websites. Mobile design uses large navigational links and simplified features to facilitate use on small screens and with touch navigation. Having a well-designed and usable mobile website may improve a website’s search ranking. SEO for mobile devices can be complex and involve many factors. Search engines work hard to protect their exact ranking algorithm so spammers can’t cheat their system. This also means that it can be hard for web designers to know exactly what to do get a website visible in search results. At Contractor Advertising we are experts at Mobile SEO.

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