What is Nextdoor?

Nextdoor is an up-and-coming private social media network for people and businesses that connects a community of local neighbors. Thousands of neighborhoods are already using Nextdoor to keep up on useful information in their local communities. Every user has to register with proof of their address and identity so that all recommendations you get as a business comes from real residents of the community. This local dynamic creates a sence of trust and any recomendations made through this platform have a much stronger impact than a review on yelp, facebook, or any other social media platform.

Local Residents Icon
Local Residents
Nextdoor is able to put your ads in front of local residents.
Confirmed Identity Icon
Confirmed identities
Verified accounts means People are who they say they are.
Brand Advocates Icon
Brand Advocates
Recomendations from neighbors are better than online reviews.

Nextdoor Community members talking to each other

Local Networking

Unlike other social platforms that cater to a wide variety of demographics, Nextdoor focuses on local discussions and services that neighbors are actively searching for. This means that any local business can reach out more directly and more reliably to possible customers on Nextdoor than they could using Twitter or Facebook because your target audience is guaranteed to be local residents, no tourists.

Benefits of claiming a Nextdoor listing:

Apart from it just being another way to get your name out there, some of the benefits of claiming your profile are:
  • Nextdoor business profile will be displayed in local neighborhoods
  • Respond to requests for recommendations by offering your services
  • Encourage your customers on Nextdoor to recommend your business
  • Announce commercial events in the Event Calendar
You can reach more people on Nextdoor in the local context than you could reach people using Facebook and Twitter.
Map of Nextdoor users

How to Get Started

1. Go to nextdoor.com/business/ to start using Nextdoor.
2. Type in your business name and location into the fields and the search will see if your business has been mentioned.
3. Click "claim" on your business if you see it below.
4. Specify if you are opperating under a business name or your personal name.
5. Click Continue on the next screen and follow the prompts that it gives you.

animated instructions for claiming your business on Nextdoor

After setting up your account you'll want to go to your business dashboard to fill out and complete your profile with the correct business information and image.

All that you have to do to spread the word about who you are and what you do is respond to customers requests and recommendations by offering your services.

Depending on your location, you will be able to view a color-coded map that shows where your business has been recommended by Nextdoor members.

Example of Nextdoor community map
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